Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pool prep

More than I realized goes into getting a pool. Zoning permit, building permit, electrical estimates, and all sorts of stuff. Yesterday a guy came with a dump truck of sand (6 tons) and dropped that off in the back. Then later in the afternoon, a different guy came with a little earth mover that he can ride in, and tore up the grass and dirt where the pool will be installed, and leveled the land. I couldn't believe the pile of dirt and grass he left behind, over 10 tons! And they don't haul it away. It's our problem. I'll use some of it to fill in the various low points in the rear of the property (gotta get a wheel barrow), and see what we can do about the rest.
So now Tuesday they come to assemble the pool, and then I think Wednesday the electrical company will come to trench and run the power lines and stuff. It's going to be a problem because the electrical panels are in the finished basement in our house, so some sheetrock will need to be opened up. Wish I thought of that when they were building, and I could have requested some access panel to be put in. If I had thought this out ahead of time, that someday we might get something that needs to be wired into the panels, an access grating or plate would have have made this easier.
Lastly, we have to find a company to deliver water in a truck. It takes like 14,500 gallons to fill the thing!
Here are some pictures. Looks like we have a little runway in our backyard now -

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