Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May update - exterior photos


Still planning out the swimming pool. Electrical estimates done. Have to get building permit next and then have the installers come to set up the pool. We changed the place it will go, setting it at an angle and making sure it won't block the view from the walkout basement door. This new position will require less trenching distance from where the pump will be located, to the electrical panels, and save some money.
Have to get the lawn cut. It's more clovers than grass. Not sure what we're going to do about the lawn. In time maybe we can save up to have sod put in, at least in the front of the house.
Need to have Guardian come out next week to move the family room motion detector, which was blocked by our high curtain installation. Just needs to be moved up around 3" so it can 'see' clearly again.
Put in a service call to see if the flooring people can do anything about our hardwood which is starting to creak a lot.


  1. Just a heads up....KILL the clover as soon as possible...it will keep spreading and get into everything. Even if you put in sod, kill the clover first or it will magically come back. I have had an ongoing battle with clover in my existing yard...

  2. Wow, there is soo many windows on the house the windows go on and on it looks GREAT! Putting in a swimming pool will be fun I remember watching the workers come out everyday to work on it and watching it from the backyard it was fun to watch.