Saturday, May 14, 2011

Family Room motion sensor and high curtain rod

For anyone having a Guardian motion sensor put in the corner of the Family Room, where there is a corner of windows, here's a heads-up...
We did not realize at the time, that eventually we would put up curtains that are rather high on the wall. As it turns out, our curtain rod completely occluded the sensor, and it would no longer be able to work. Had to call Guardian to send a guy and move it up 5-6 inches, and now it's good. It was not an easy job, because he had to snake the wire up higher, and in that part of the F/R corner area, there's a big wooden header beam that makes it almost impossible to do after the drywall is up. So he had to make a channel in the drywall and we had to plaster and paint afterward. Would have been much easier to have it placed higher during the framing phase, had we known.
The sensor had to be moved up to clear the curtain rod
Now it's high enough to "see" again


  1. Good advice - I would not have thought about that. I love those curtains favorite color!

  2. Great tip....and I too think the curtains look great!!!

  3. Thanks ladies, my wife will love to hear that :)

  4. Correction, lady and gentleman!

  5. My husband and I had a debate whether to hang the curtain rods above the window or high up and I do love the way the curtain rods are placed on the wall high up and it looks stunning so it looks like my hubby won the argument. We will definitely be planning to hang the curtain rods way up! Cannot wait till the house is done so we can decorate.