Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Final inspection

Now that the home is around 9 months old, our project manager arranged for several contractors to come to the house today, to correct some minor issues. Everything went pretty well. Had some insulation guys come in order to blow-in some insulation in the attic-like areas on each side of the master bath, which is above the 3-car garage and gets too cold. They opened the access panels in our two master closets, and blew in insulation. Also put R30 insulation on the backs of the access door panels.
The HVAC guy came and adjusted the 2nd floor air ducting such that it will favor the master bath and we should get a bit more heat in there. He also recommended setting the fan on 'On' instead of 'Auto'. Said it will cost maybe $1.50 a day to run the fan all the time, but it will help to distribute the air better and minimize how many times the upstairs furnace kicks on.
Several subfloor and staircase issues were addressed. Symptoms were some squeaking, and/or unevenness. The contractor pulled back the carpeting and screwed in the steps/flooring to the joists. Added construction cement to fill any depressions in the flooring. Two carpeting guys took care of reinstalling and kicking the carpeting afterwards.
Caulking was done throughout the house, wherever seams needed attention.
The patio door was adjusted to minimize any cold air entering in, especially by the lock assembly.
Two electrical multi-switches were adjusted to correct their orientation (i.e. the switch on the left would activate the lighting to the left, and the one on the right, the lighting on the right. Previously they were crossed, so using the switches was counter-intuitive.
Next week a garage guy will come to make adjustments to the garage tracks, in order to better seal out the cold. There is a gap between the garage door frame and the weatherstrip.
All in all the work was done well and we are pretty satisfied.
Next month will be the 10-month drywall repairs (nail pops, etc.).


Saturday, February 19, 2011

10-month inspection

We're having our 10-month inspection this coming Wednesday. Will post how it goes...