Sunday, January 29, 2012

Central vacuuming

For BSV:

For setting up your central vacuuming system, they give you two brackets and two hoses. One is for the garage and one for the interior of the home.
Hanging the black plastic hose on the garage wall makes it handy for vacuuming your cars. It attaches directly into the main unit on the wall.
The hose with the fabric covering is for use inside the house. The fabric covering protects it from scratching furniture, etc. The kit comes with a bag of attachments and accessories as well.
I mounted the bracket in our hallway closet off the Study. See the pictures...


  1. We only got one bracket and hose, but could have added additional for a fee. Our main unit is in the basement, not the garage.

  2. Mike, Thanks for the pictures and the Info. I didn't have no clue about this additional bracket and the location where it will be placed. I am going to call my guradian rep first thing in the morning...Right now he metioned that we will be getting 9 suction points with 3 in each floor. He has also mentioned that we can add one more suction point if required and it would little or no impact on the efficiency of central vac.

  3. Three on each floor should be plenty. The hose is very long and reaches everywhere easily.
    I would recommend asking for the main unit to be installed in the garage. Advantages: noise isolation, less mess when cleaning/replacing the filter, and having it there to vacuum out your cars.

  4. We got the central vac with one bracket and one hose, like the first commenter. I wish we had been offered the option to get a hose for the garage. I really don't love the idea of my house hose going out there to get all dirty.

  5. Tammi, you can still get one - do a search on "Dirt Devil garage kit", there's many available styles. Mike