Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November update pictures

Garage door insulation installation: http://ourwaverly.homestead.com/GarageDoorInsul.html

Living Room furniture and Morning Room furniture addition: http://ourwaverly.homestead.com/NovUpdate2011.html


  1. I didn't realize you could insulate a standard garage door. The base door here was already insulated - another change from when we built the first time that was nice to see.

  2. Nice updates. Our door was already insulated as well, but that is very good information. If we had to do it again, we would have headed the floors in the master bathroom. We are thinking about installing a ventilation fan and bulb heater fan (http://www.nutone.com/product-detail.asp?ProductID=10230); however, we are going to wait awhile to see how cold it gets.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion about the heat lamp Heather, we may try that too.
    When you and Shara say that you had insulated garage doors, do you mean that they already came with something like I installed ? I'm not sure if our standard doors were considered "insulated", maybe they were.
    Thanks, Mike

  4. I will let you know if we move forward with installing the heater and will post a blog/pics.

    As for the garage door, we were informed by RH that our door was insulated; however, it doesn't look like yours. I'm going to follow-up with the PM to see if he can give me more info and will let you know what I find out.

  5. Thanks. I think our doors were probably considered insulated, in that there's something sandwiched between the panels of whatever it's made of. But that stuff I installed provides another inch or so of pink insulation with R8 rating, so it definitely is better.
    Do you have the cold floor over the garage in your master bath yet? Not sure if you're getting any cold weather so far. We've dipped below freezing a couple of times already.

  6. Hello Janice & Mike,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. This is indeed a beautiful home!
    We are in the process of building a Waverly ourselves in VA. Do you mind posting more interior pictures - specifically the bonus room above the familiy room. Much to our chagrin, RH is unable to show us - any - waverly model in VA.
    Can anyone else share Waverly model home pictures?

  7. @DJ - There is a Waverly model about 10 minutes from our house, located about 15 minutes north of Pittsburgh, PA (see the RH link - http://www.ryanhomes.com/find-your-home/our-communities/pennsylvania/sewickley/woods-of-sewickley-hills). It also has the bonus room, but I didn't take any pics of the bonus room because we didnt add it. We just built a Waverly (see our blog - http://wilsonadventure1.blogspot.com/). Shara (see above) just built a Waverly in OH and I believe she added the bonus room - check out her blog (http://buildingwaverly.blogspot.com/).

  8. I have a Waverly for 7 years now
    I agree it is such a great floor plan. Diane