Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clean windows

If you've seen my website, you can see that we got a lot of windows in the house.
Yesterday I cleaned every window in the house, inside and outside, all 57 of them, counting the windows in the doors of the walk-out basement and morning room. Not easy, but the results look great  :)


  1. 57 windows!!!! Oh my! You go!! That takes some dedication to get all that done at once!

  2. Wow...that is pretty amazing to get done in one day...especially since the upper portion of the windows do not fold in. How did you go about cleaning those..especially on the second floor...can you do it from inside? I ask cause we will be right up there with you on the window count.

  3. For BR#4 with the wind-out windows, I had to remove the screens to do the inside, and then I climbed halfway out onto the sloped roof over the morning room and reached over with my washer/squeegy thing and did the other window, and vice versa. Used a ladder and the full extension of my window washer handle thing to get to all the other upper windows. The only ones I couldn't reach were the uppers of BR#3 in the back, and the uppers of the master BR. I could have removed the screens and opened the lower windows and then reached up there, but since they were not particularly dirty, I decided I would leave those ones as is for now.
    I even did the exterior of the front rounded window of the two story foyer. Got way up on the ladder and reached as far as I could to just make it.
    When I was in my early twenties, I was a steel worker in NYC, walking on high beams. I worked on the iconic Citicorp building at 53rd and Lexington in midtown.

  4. Oh my...i am far past 20-something and I am no steel worker...guess I will be testing my Little Giant Ladder OR I can hire the guy my mom used...he cleaned all windows and foyer lights, cleaned out the window sills, and would pressure wash the house...very reasonable price too...we will see...thanks for the details Mike.

  5. Wait, you have to clean the windows?!?! Why wasn't I informed?
    :) Crossing my fingers that I can get away with not cleaning any of the exterior of the house for several years...