Friday, December 17, 2010

Welcome to our new blog

We closed on our new Ryan Homes Waverly model at the end of May 2010.
The entire building process was documented on a website that I made:


  1. Congratulations! We're building a waverly in northeast ohio and there are not any models close to us, so I've looked at all your pictures many times!

  2. Great! Let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you Shara, based on our experience. I became a Waverly fanatic when we were taking a drive one weekend in PA, and stumbled across the Waverly model home in the East Stroudsberg, PA "Great Bear", development. It instantly became my favorite home design ever. I thought the architecture was just incredible, with the open feel, etc., and that back staircase ! I had never seen something like that.
    Since that time, we have checked out various similar models made by other builders like Toll Bros and Beazer, but nothing was quite like the Ryan Waverly. Unfortunately, there were no Ryan developments within a reasonable distance from our jobs, in NJ, until one day Ryan announced the Emerald Estates development in Sussex county, so that did it. We immediately became their first customer and ordered a fully configured Waverly. It's 49 miles from my job, which is pretty far, but I figured it's worth it, to live in my dream house ! :)

    Best regards, Mike
    P.S. Tomorrow is our 'final inspection' where they'll take care of any little miscellaneous things. Then in a month, they'll come for the one-time drywall repairs, for nail pops, etc. I'll let you know how it goes. I would say our main complaint is that our master luxury bath over the 3-car garage is too cold. We asked them to add some blown-in insulation in the areas that are between the bathroom and outer walls. There's kind of a little attic-like area there, and it's cold. Of course the cold from the garage below makes it cold above, but this extra insulation may help. In addition, I found that our double-door in the garage is leaking air by the side of the frame too, and requested that they adjust this properly so that the garage won't get so cold.

  3. Looked at your old blog of your progress- what a wonderful home!! So pretty and I love the design. Congrats! Nice to hear about the 1 month inspection. I feel like it will creep up on us so quickly. We have been in our Zachary model for 3 months now and time has gone by rather fast.

  4. Thanks very much Mindi !
    You're right, the time goes by so quickly. We're coming up on one year already, having closed at the end of May 2010. We are very happy with everything and it's a lot of fun decorating the house and finding things we like that will look good in the house. Best of luck with yours.


  5. Hi Mike...just found your blog and looked at your original website. Your home is beautiful!!! We will be building an Avalon (should break ground in mid-June). Just as your Waverly is your dream home, so too is our Avalon...for a lot of the same reasons. Glad you mentioned the cold in your master bath. It makes me feel good about the extra expense we are putting out to fulling insulate the entire garage and upgraded to insulated garage doors as well for just the reason that you describe. Our master bath will be sitting right above the garage and is all tile.